Goth Babe

w/ Husbands
Treefort Music Hall
Thursday, July 27th, 2023
$27.50 adv / $32 DOS

Goth Babe is Griff Washburn enjoying himself. Originally from Tennessee, Griff currently lives
and writes music on a 36ft off-grid sailboat named Lola. He is currently exploring the west coast
of Mexico on Lola with his dog Sadie, after sailing down from California last December. When
not on the road touring or on his boat, Griff and Sadie are off enjoying the outdoors in a truck
camper. They explore the west coast of the United States fly fishing, surfing, snowboarding, and
of course writing music along the way. His mission through this project has been to raise money
for environmental non-profits like Protect Our Winters, Project Zero, or Conservations Lands
Foundation. By attending Griff’s shows, listening to his music, or buying his merch, you’re
helping Mother Earth and all its beautiful places. He hopes to also create a safe space for
listeners to follow their aspirations and be genuine to themselves.

Griff just released his debut album Lola (Jan 26, 2024): “I would love if these songs allowed
people, even just for a second, to escape the weight and heaviness of the world.”




Husbands knows the galvanizing power of an anthemic, hair-raising song. As the co-founding songwriter behind the Oklahoma City indie rock outfit Husbands, Danny Davis has been meticulously crafting emotionally potent tunes about finding your place in the world. His writing always strives to break free from monotony and routine, aiming for meaning and clarity through massive choruses and colorful arrangements. CUATRO, Husbands’ adventurous and triumphant fourth album out Oct. 13 via Cowboy 2.0 and Thirty Tigers,  marks a turning point for the band. It’s the first LP written after the departure of longtime bandmate and collaborator, Wil Norton. It’s also an album that Davis made during a time of relative personal stability after quitting his nine-to-five and moving with his wife to Costa Rica. Across 11 arena-filling and richly-produced tracks, the full-length is a document of his growth as a human being and a testament to finding peace in relationships evolving.